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Rising River Farm
Wild hedgerows, hay fields, forest, and a shimmering creek provide the backdrop for the beautiful 35 acres that make upRising River Farm. Owners Jim McGinn and Jennifer Belknap grow over 100 varieties of organic veggies, culinary herbsand strawberries on their property in Rochester, Washington.

That's along way from where they started in 1994 when Jim McGinn and a couple friends co-founded Rising River on 3 acres of leased land. Their tractors were borrowed, their office was the back of an old pick-up truck, and they lived out of a couple of trailers and a school bus. Their goal was, and still is, to create healthy soil that yields healthy food. Through careful stewardship of their land and enthusiastic community support they have grown their farm. They continue to promote healthy soil and reduce the presence of disease and pests through rotation, cover cropping, resting of the land, and proper fertilization.

Jennifer Belknap came on the scene in 1997 after Jim's partners moved on to other callings. She had her own roots in farming, starting in 1994 in Vermont. She went on to co-found her own cooperatively-run vegetable farm in the Skagit River Valley. Since then Jim and Jennifer
have run Rishing River together, had two children, and gotten married. And things just keep growing for them.

Their CSA program is thriving and you can find them at the Olympia Farmers Market and Tacoma Procter Markets. Not to mention in our very own produce case right here at Farm Fresh Market! Ask us next time your in and we'll be happy to point out which of our fresh, organic produce was grown by Jim, Jennifer and the crew at Rising River Farm. Find out more about Rising River at their website