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Nestled in the heart of Washington's Olympic Peninsula, the Hamma Hamma Recreation Area offers a diverse and bountiful landscape for hunters seeking game in the Pacific Northwest. This region, known for its rugged beauty and abundant wildlife, provides a habitat for a variety of game species, including deer, elk, bear, duck, and goose.

**Deer and Elk: Tracking the Forest Stalkers**

The dense forests and alpine meadows surrounding the Hamma Hamma are prime territories for both black-tailed deer and Roosevelt elk. Hunters can find deer throughout the old-growth and post-fire regenerative forests¹, using the natural cover to their advantage. Meanwhile, elk herds tend to roam the open spaces within the forests, often found in rocky areas with shallow soils known as balds⁸.

**Bear: In Pursuit of the Shy Giants**

Black bears are elusive creatures, but the Hamma Hamma area's diverse bioregions, including its rocky mountain outcrops, provide the perfect backdrop for those patient enough to track them. While bear sightings are less common, the thrill of the hunt is palpable for those who venture into the wilderness with respect for these majestic animals.

**Waterfowl: A Haven for Ducks and Geese**

The Hamma Hamma River and its tributaries are a haven for waterfowl. Hunters looking for ducks and geese will find the river's tranquil waters, especially near the Hamma Hamma Cabin, an ideal spot. In the spring, the Harlequin ducks, which come up from the sea to nest, offer a unique hunting opportunity².

**Regulations and Best Practices**

Hunters must adhere to the regulations set forth by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It's essential to check for specific hunting seasons, obtain the necessary licenses, and follow all safety guidelines. Wilderness restrictions apply in designated Wilderness areas¹, ensuring that the natural beauty and wildlife populations of the Hamma Hamma are preserved for future generations.


The Hamma Hamma Recreation Area is a hunter's paradise, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, the pursuit of game in this part of Washington State is sure to be an adventure that combines the thrill of the hunt with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.


Please note that this article is intended for informational purposes only. Hunters should always verify current regulations and restrictions with local authorities before planning their hunting trips.

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