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Local Organic Chicken

If you're looking for a source for local free-range organic chicken, stop by our little market in West Olympia.  Everyday we slow roast our organic chickens to perfection, seasoned with just salt and nothing more.  They're gluten free, allergen-friendly, and regarded by many as the besst in town.  


Certified USDA Organic
Northwest grown Raised
Free Range with access to the outdoors
Air chilled
Non-GMO Project Verified†
No Antibiotics Ever
Not given any hormones or steroids*
Always 100% organic vegetarian fed with no animal by-products Packed in a 100% recyclable tray

Beeler's NonGMO Heritage Pork

Above all else, Beeler's prides themselves on the exceptional taste and quality their antibiotic free non-GMO pork products. Made with Humanely Raised Heritage Duroc Pork: No antibiotics ever, 100%Vegetarian fed Non-GMO diets and ingredients (Non-GMO Project Verified) and absolutely No Gestation Crates

Force Of Nature Meats
Force Of Nature Meats

Regenerative agriculture works in partnership with nature to make great tasting, nutrient-rich food while healing the planet. By combining agroecology and agrotechnology, regenerative agriculture approaches land management in collaboration with nature. Through focus on building soil and healing ecosystems, land stewards are increasing resilience, boosting yields, capturing carbon, increasing nutrient density, and returning hope to rural economies

Local Grass-fed and finished beef

Farm Fresh Market has been Olympia's source for grass-fed and grass-finished cattle for over 10 years. While others may claim to sell grass-fed beef many actually finish with grain defeating the purpose. Our Painted Hills Grass Fed Beef is sourced from right here in the Pacific Northwest. Raised on farms with thousands of acres of grassy meadows, our grass-fed and finished beef is never given GMO-feed, antibiotics, or growth hormones.  

Local Raw Milk

It's true! Washington State licenses a few dairies to produce and distribute fresh raw milk to the public.  At Farm Fresh Market, you'll find the best prices around on locally sourced fresh raw milk.   Delivered directly from the dairy every Thursday morning, it doesn't get any fresher.  

Fresh Organic Produce

Along with our generous selection of natural meats comes an assortment of the everyday essentials like carrots, garlic, potatoes, ginger, turmeric, tomatoes, onions, and more.  All 100% certified orgahic and available at just 10% over our cost.  Deliveries typically arrive on Fridays with prices are updated weekly, so stop on in and get everything you need to accompany your grassfed beef, organic chicken, and Beeler's Natural Pork purchases.